Abortion Malpractice

Ab/Mal Attor­ney Resources
Links and infor­ma­tion for plain­tiff mal­prac­tice attor­neys under­tak­ing abor­tion mal­prac­tice suits.

Men Behav­ing //Really// bad­ly
A hard look at mis­be­hav­ior inside abor­tion facilities.

The Mal­prac­tice Option
A look at Life Dynam­ic’s pro­gram, and the abor­tion lob­by’s reaction.

“The Chica­go Method“
How side­walk coun­selors can use a doc­tor’s mal­prac­tice his­to­ry to pro­tect prospec­tive patients.

Abor­tion Mal­prac­tice
When Patient Needs and Abor­tion Prac­tice Collide

Legal Action for Women
Infor­ma­tion and legal refer­rals for the abor­tion-injured woman.

A Few Bad Apples?
Is mal­prac­tice sys­temic, or just a case of a few quacks giv­ing the oth­ers a bad name?

Steir and NAF in Per­spec­tive
Whe the cream of the crop admit to each oth­er what they do in private.

Who Do You Believe?
The con­trast between what the Nation­al Abor­tion Fed­er­a­tion says, and what they do.

Igno­rance and Mush­rooms Grow Best in the Dark
What the Nation­al Abor­tion Fed­er­a­tion does and does­n’t tell its hot­line counselors.

Some­thing new for me in an old arti­cle
Pulled bow­el and ampu­ta­tion — in cas­es I’m still try­ing to track down.