Abortion Deaths from Anesthesia

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These women are some of those who died from mis­takes or mishaps relat­ing to anes­the­sia admin­is­tered for abor­tions. For more about the under­ly­ing caus­es of deaths like these, see Anes­the­sia or Anal­ge­sia Relat­ed Deaths of Women From Legal Abor­tion: The Need for Increased Regulation

K. B.
After K.B.‘s death, the health depart­ment inves­ti­gat­ed and found a mys­tery: K.B.‘s chart list­ed her post-oper­a­tive con­di­tion as “pink, respon­sive, alert,” even though she had gone into full car­dio-res­pi­ra­to­ry arrest by the time indi­cat­ed on the assessment.

Dean­na Bell
Dean­na was only 13 years old when she was giv­en mas­sive dos­es of Bre­vi­tal for an abor­tion by Steve Lichtenberg.

Bren­da Ben­ton
Bren­da end­ed up in a hos­pi­tal with liv­er fail­ure, and in April, 1987. The death cer­tifi­cate attrib­uted her death to liv­er dam­age and halothane anes­the­sia poisoning.

Janet Lal­ly Blaum
Janet’s ex-hus­band sued Knight on behalf of the cou­ple’s chil­dren, alleg­ing that Knight had admin­is­tered a fatal dose of anes­the­sia while prepar­ing Janet for the abortion.

Gwen­dolyn Cli­ett
Gwen­dolyn was about to under­go an elec­tive abor­tion at Pres­by­ter­ian Hos­pi­tal in Philadel­phia when she react­ed to anes­the­sia and died.

Mary Davies
Mary Davies is the only woman known to have died from abor­tion relat­ed com­pli­ca­tions under the care of famed ille­gal abor­tion­ist Dr. Robert Spencer.

Laniece Dorsey
The Orange Coun­ty Sher­if­f’s Depart­ment med­ical exam­in­er blamed the death on car­diores­pi­ra­to­ry arrest due to the anes­the­sia, although he also found “a thick adher­ent lay­er of fib­ri­nous mate­r­i­al con­tain­ing mod­er­ate num­bers of inflam­ma­to­ry infil­trates” in Laniece’s uterus.

Geor­gian­na “Jean­nie” Eng­lish
For­mer crim­i­nal abor­tion­ist Milan Vuitch had been oper­at­ing his clin­ic with­out a license for two years when 32-year-old Jean­nie Eng­lish came to him for an abor­tion in Jan­u­ary of 1980. Vuitch admin­is­tered gen­er­al anes­the­sia for Jean­nie, and she nev­er woke up.

Debra Gray
Thir­ty-four-year-old Debra M. Gray went to Hillview Wom­en’s Med­ical Cen­ter for an abor­tion in mid-July, 1989. A nurse inject­ed her with a fast-act­ing bar­bi­tu­rate to pre­pare her for the abor­tion. Debra went into car­diac arrest.

Don­na Heim
Don­na’s sis­ter, who was in the wait­ing room, became alarmed at the intense staff activ­i­ty, and asked a staffer about her sis­ter. She was told Don­na was fine. Then she saw an ambu­lance pull up to the build­ing and stepped out­side, where she observed Don­na being trans­ferred into the emer­gency vehicle.

Patri­cia King
Twen­ty-four-year-old Patri­cia King went to Dean H. Diment in Tul­sa, Okla­homa, for an abor­tion in ear­ly May, 1987. Patri­cia went into car­diac arrest after being inject­ed with anesthetic.

Suzanne Logan
Suzanne awoke, par­a­lyzed, after four months in a coma fol­low­ing her abor­tion at Mary­land’s noto­ri­ous Hillview abor­tion mill. She died after three years in a nurs­ing home.

Deb­o­rah Ann Lozin­s­ki
Sev­en­teen-year-old Deb­o­rah had lan­guished for two months in a coma, hos­pi­tal­ized after an abor­tion at Med­ical Care Cen­ter in Wood­bridge, New Jersey.

Dawn Mack
Dawn was one of two patients — both, coin­ci­den­tal­ly, named Dawn — who died after anes­the­sia com­pli­ca­tions at East­ern Wom­en’s Center.

Gail Mazo
Gail vom­it­ed and choked dur­ing her abor­tion at Mt. Sinai in New York.

Mit­sue Mohar
Mit­sue went into car­diac arrest dur­ing her abor­tion, con­vulsed, and went into a coma from which she nev­er recovered.

Venus Ortiz
Venus lin­gered near­ly six years in a veg­e­ta­tive state after her safe and legal abor­tion at New York’s East­ern Wom­en’s Center.

Mary Ann Page
Mary Ann was 37 years old when she under­went her fatal abor­tion and tubal ligation.

Cather­ine Pierce
Cather­ine lan­guished in a coma for sev­en months before dying of com­pli­ca­tions from an abor­tion done at a Nation­al Abor­tion Fed­er­a­tion mem­ber facility.

Dawn Ravenell
Thir­teen-year-old Dawn’s par­ents did­n’t know any­thing was amiss, until they got a phone call to come to the hos­pi­tal right away, that Dawn was “fight­ing for her life.”

Jacque­line Reynolds
Jacque­line under­went an abor­tion at Grady Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal in Atlanta in late August, 1986. Due to inad­e­quate oxy­gena­tion dur­ing gen­er­al anes­the­sia, Jacque­line lapsed into a coma. She died in ear­ly September.

“Annie” Roe
Annie trav­eled from New Jer­sey to New York in 1971, for the safe, legal abor­tion that killed her.

“Rox­anne” Roe
Rox­anne trav­eled from Michi­gan to New York for the safe-and-legal abor­tion that took her life.

Sta­cy Ruck­man
An autop­sy found tox­ic con­cen­tra­tions of Lido­caine in Sta­cy’s blood. Her par­ents sued, and a jury award­ed them $25.3 mil­lion for the wrong­ful death of their daughter.

Angela Scott/Dolores Smith
In June of 1979, Nation­al Abor­tion Fed­er­a­tion mem­ber Atlanta Wom­en’s Pavil­lion rose to new lev­els of incom­pe­tence when staff there man­aged to fatal­ly injure two teenage abor­tion patients in less than an hour.

**Diane Wat­son**
None of the four physi­cians on the premis­es per­formed CPR on Diane after she went into car­diac arrest.

Robin Wells
Robin went into car­diac arrest in the recov­ery room, and was trans­ferred by ambu­lance to a hos­pi­tal. She remained in a coma until her death in ear­ly August, 1981.

Tanya Williamson
Tanya was not ade­quate­ly mon­i­tored in the recov­ery room of Moshe Hachamovitch’s abor­tion facility.

Dar­lene Wood
Dar­lene’s fatal abor­tion was per­formed in Tem­ple Uni­ver­si­ty Hospital.