Abortion Deaths After Roe

Women con­tin­ue to die, even decades after //Roe vs Wade// struck down all laws against abor­tion nation­wide. If you look at mater­nal mor­tal­i­ty through­out the 20th Cen­tu­ry, you can see that there was­n’t any change in the trend at all with legal­iza­tion of abortion:

external image MaternalMortality.gifClear­ly some­thing oth­er than legal­iza­tion was sav­ing wom­en’s lives. And if you don’t have that in mind, it’s easy to believe what abor­tion sup­port­ers say — that it was legal­iza­tion, not all the many improve­ments in health, hygiene, nutri­tion, and med­i­cine — that had such a dra­mat­ic impact on mater­nal mortality. 

If you go to the main page and start explor­ing, you’ll find that the post-Roe deaths are just as trag­ic, and often just as grue­some, as the worst of the pre-Roe deaths. 

Since legal­iza­tion does­n’t actu­al­ly pro­duce the intend­ed result — reduc­ing mater­nal mor­tal­i­ty — there’s no point in tol­er­at­ing it for that rea­son. If the only rea­son you ally your­self with the pro­choice side is because you think legal­iza­tion is nec­es­sary to pre­vent need­less and hor­ri­ble deaths, you might want to reconsider.